Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Michael Kupperman

Name: Michael Kupperman (American cartoonist and creator of some of the most hilarious comics of all time)
OS: Mac

Notable Apps: Photoshop - standard design fare, I suppose.  He's also running uTorrent - come on, we all do it... and a fair few media looking icons that I can't quite recognise - maybe somebody can help me out??

I notice he minimised a video he was watching in QuickTime - almost looks like a panel show - Q.I. or Have I Got News For You, perhaps??!  The blurry fella on the right looks a bit like Jonathan Ross, interviewing Oprah Winfrey, or Moira Stewart, or possibly Wanda from Curb... Ok, I'm afraid this blog just stumbled into unhealthy voyeur-stalker territory once more....

Interesting Shortcuts: There are quite a few RTFs on the desktop - written ideas for new strips perhaps?  The rest of the desktop is a field of images of varying formats; line drawings, comics, a few photos - possibly projects he's working on, or reference photos to spark the creative juices??  I also see what seems to be a cover for a new iteration of his fantastic 'Tales Designed To Thrizzle'.  Is this just updated artwork or a cover for an entirely new collection??

Cleanliness: 6/10 (although, show me a tidy artist and I'll show you a closet serial killer...)
Interestingness: 7/10
Wallpaper: 5/10
OVERALL: 8/10 (Mike gets bonus points for being the creator of 'Snake & Bacon')

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hayley Williams - Paramore

Name: Hayley Williams (of the band Paramore)
OS: Mac
Notable Apps: None, really.  Standard Apple fare.  Skype and iChat installed, but chat window minimised, much to the disappointment of my prying nature.
Interesting Shortcuts: Sunny Day Real Estate cover art.  Great band, by the way; their second iteration as 'The Fire Theft' only produced one record, but it's one of my favourite ever LPs.
A folder named 'orly', which one can only imagine is full of owls, cats and other hilariously captioned animals.  Another named 'INSPIRATION FINGERS' which I assume is a little bit like 'jazz hands' but played down somewhat...  And a folder presumably containing 'PARAMORE PICS' which is understandable; if my band (BRIGHTLIGHTS) were as good/big as these guys, I'd want photographic proof at my fingertips at all times.
A jpeg of some rather fetching woollen sweaters.  A new look for the band, perhaps?

Cleanliness: 7/10
Interestingness: 5/10
Wallpaper: 8/10 (for cuteness)
OVERALL: 7.5/10.