Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Michael Kupperman

Name: Michael Kupperman (American cartoonist and creator of some of the most hilarious comics of all time)
OS: Mac

Notable Apps: Photoshop - standard design fare, I suppose.  He's also running uTorrent - come on, we all do it... and a fair few media looking icons that I can't quite recognise - maybe somebody can help me out??

I notice he minimised a video he was watching in QuickTime - almost looks like a panel show - Q.I. or Have I Got News For You, perhaps??!  The blurry fella on the right looks a bit like Jonathan Ross, interviewing Oprah Winfrey, or Moira Stewart, or possibly Wanda from Curb... Ok, I'm afraid this blog just stumbled into unhealthy voyeur-stalker territory once more....

Interesting Shortcuts: There are quite a few RTFs on the desktop - written ideas for new strips perhaps?  The rest of the desktop is a field of images of varying formats; line drawings, comics, a few photos - possibly projects he's working on, or reference photos to spark the creative juices??  I also see what seems to be a cover for a new iteration of his fantastic 'Tales Designed To Thrizzle'.  Is this just updated artwork or a cover for an entirely new collection??

Cleanliness: 6/10 (although, show me a tidy artist and I'll show you a closet serial killer...)
Interestingness: 7/10
Wallpaper: 5/10
OVERALL: 8/10 (Mike gets bonus points for being the creator of 'Snake & Bacon')


  1. Wow this feels voyeuristic! Hi Michael!

  2. As a fellow uTorrent user who has downloaded every possible episode of Q.I., I'm pretty sure that's not Q.I. I'm not sure what it is, though. I'm only here to shoot down ideas, but, well, maybe that's Macy Gray on the left?